Optimus H-7247 Heater

Ideal for generating copious amounts of affordable heat, this Optimus heater is powerful and well-designed. Homemakers, professionals, and families alike are amazed by the specifications and capabilities of this Optimus heater. The Optimus H-7247 is a compelling addition for high-quality heat delivery. If you like reliability, safety, and effectiveness, this heater does what you need. You can make use of it in anywhere you want to upgrade your climate control because this heater sports a well-thought-out design. The Optimus H-7247 is super efficient, which means you are able to keep it on to quickly raise the temperature around you. With a thermostat and two heating levels, this Optimus heater is a breeze to use, so you can tweak the heat settings to suit your preferences. Because this heater has a high heat output, you can obliterate the cold to stay warm and healthy. What's more, thanks to a very powerful ceramic heating element, the Optimus H-7247 concentrates heat for self-contained areas.



Features Oscillating
Heating Element Ceramic
Heating Levels 2 Levels

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