Optimus H-7000 Heater

Economical and easy to use, this Optimus heater is a good solution for indulging you with cozy heat every single day. Homeowners, renters, and landlords alike can take advantage of the features and specifications of this Optimus heater. The Optimus H-7000 is an excellent addition when you want to get heat into an area quickly and effectively. This heater is super efficient, enabling you to run it in a variety of areas to provide rapid heat. With the practical design of the Optimus H-7000, you can warm up almost any room of your house. Envelope yourself with warmth on cold winter days thanks to the powerful heat output typical of this Optimus heater. This heater targets hot air for self-contained areas, with its very powerful ceramic heating element. Also, the Optimus H-7000 is a snap to work with, with a thermostat and two heating levels, which means you are able to fine-tune the heat settings to your preferred level of warmth.



Features Thermostat
Heating Element Ceramic
Type Utility / Portable
Power Source Electric
Heating Levels 2 Levels
UPC 630326170004
MPN H7000

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