Mr Heater MH125LP Heater

Well-designed and compact, this Mr. Heater is an elegant solution for putting out impressive amounts of soothing heat. The Mr. Heater MH125LP is the perfect choice for all your spot heating needs. Featuring ease of use, performance, and durability, this portable heater is ready to deliver. Reap the benefits of the safe operation of this reliable heat source by taking advantage of the helpful safety features such as CSA/CE certification on this Mr. Heater. This portable heater is gas powered, enabling you to fire it up to quickly raise the temperature where you need it. The Mr. Heater MH125LP produces plentiful heat conveniently and quietly, thanks to its super powerful infra-red heating element. This Mr. Heater is very easily operated, allowing you to adjust the temperature for maximum comfort. The movable design of this portable heater makes it easy for you to provide heat to sheds, job sites, and barns. What's more, since the Mr. Heater MH125LP features a strong heat output, you can promptly bring your environment up to a comfortable temperature.


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