Koolatron 401 060 Heater

This Koolatron heater is designed for pampering you with welcome warmth on those cold winter days. It's both durable and compact. If you like safety, comfort, and performance, this Koolatron heater does what you need. The Koolatron 401 060 is a compelling option for producing heat where you need it. Renters, families, and professionals are delighted by the reliability and design of this portable heater. This portable heater features a strong heat output, so you can envelope yourself with warmth on chilly days. Thanks to a very powerful heating element, the Koolatron 401 060 puts out outstanding warmth reliably and quickly. You can warm up sheds, workshops, and job sites because this Koolatron heater has an easy to move design. This portable heater is a breeze to use, allowing you to customize the amount of heat exactly the way you want it. Moreover, the Koolatron 401 060 is electric powered, allowing you to make use of it indoors with safety and security.



Cord Length 6 ft
Type Utility / Portable
Power Source Electric
UPC 059586401060
MPN 401 060

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