Cadet RMC162W Heater

This Cadet Manufacturing heater is an elegant solution for producing generous amounts of snug warmth. It's also versatile and hardworking. This Cadet Manufacturing heater is the perfect selection when you want to get heat into an area quickly and effectively. Homemakers, families, and renters alike are delighted by the power and functionality of the Cadet Manufacturing 63314. Providing reliability, performance, and ease of use, this baseboard heater has it all. This baseboard heater is electric powered, allowing you to turn it on to provide reliable, silent heat. Thanks to a very powerful heating element, the Cadet Manufacturing 63314 gives you prodigious heat quickly and quietly. With a thermostat and three heating levels, this Cadet Manufacturing heater is easy to use, enabling you to tweak the temperature settings just the way you like it. This baseboard heater enables you to use it in hallways, rec rooms, and kitchens with its low-profile design. Furthermore, the Cadet Manufacturing 63314 features a power rating of 1600 watts, so you can provide steady, reliable warmth to your surroundings.



Fan Forced Fan Forced
Exterior Color White
Features Thermostat
Type Wall Mounted Panel
Power Source Electric

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