Cozy CT Heater

A solid solution for bringing you safe warmth every single day, this Cozy heater is strong and handy. This Cozy heater is a great choice for delivering reliable heating day in and day out. Bringing you effectiveness, durability, and reliability, the Cozy COZYCT has it all. Families, landlords, and professionals are happy with the capabilities and dependability of this portable heater. This portable heater sports a transportable design enabling you to provide heat to workshops, job sites, and garages. The Cozy COZYCT enables you to envelope yourself with warmth on chilly days with its 100 watt power rating. This Cozy heater is efficient and runs on electricity, which means you are able to turn it on without needing additional ventilation. This portable heater is very easily operated, enabling you to customize the temperature settings to your desired comfort level. What's more, with a powerful heating element, the Cozy COZYCT generates exceptional warmth economically and quickly.



Power 100 - 100 Watts
Type Utility/Portable
Power Source Electric
UPC 706069233419

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