Cadet RM202 Heater

Convenient and fast, this Cadet Manufacturing heater is a good choice for busy homeowners who need better heating. This Cadet Manufacturing heater is the perfect addition for getting the heat going quickly when you need it. Landlords, families, and renters delight in the dependability and capabilities of the Cadet Manufacturing Register Plus RM202. You can operate it in dining rooms, great rooms, and living rooms as this wall mounted panel heater sports a slender and appealing design. The Cadet Manufacturing Register Plus RM202 is electric powered, so you can run it to provide heat for long periods of time. This Cadet Manufacturing heater features a high heat output enabling you to warm up your area as soon as possible. This wall mounted panel heater is easily operated, which means you are able to fine-tune the amount of heat to your preferred level of warmth. In addition, featuring a highly-effective heating element, the Cadet Manufacturing Register Plus RM202 creates plentiful heat quietly and reliably.



Type Wall Mounted Panel
Power Source Electric

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