iCLEBO YCR-M05-P2 POP Yujin Robot Vacuum Cleaner (), Black

The advanced smart technology equipped in the iClebo POP allows for maximum cleaning efficiency with space analyzing abilities for a full and complete cleansing. This model YCR-M05-P2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner out performs all others in its class with powerful suction and its' extremely quiet movements that can clean while you sleep. It has a 3 - step process of vacuuming, sweeping and mopping which gives you free time in your schedule to do other things while it works for you. The intensive cleaning that it gives automatically detects the most effiecient method of cleaning any area. The POP operates for up to 2 hours unalike other brands that averages 70 minutes. Once the battery gets low it will find its way back to its charging station and continue to clean when its fully charged again. This robot has detection sensors built in that senses objects in its path allowing itself to manuever around them. It is also excellent for picking up pet hairs, dust, dirt and debri particles in hard to reach corners. This extraordinarily cleaning device is sure to satisfy all of your office or household flooring needs. Color: Black.


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