iCLEBO YCR-M05-90 Alpha Yujin Robot Vacuum Cleaner (), Black

As the innovators of the first camera vision mapping technology, the iClebo ALPHA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is still leading the way when it comes to vacuuming, sweeping, brushing and mopping. With it's superior suction power, the algorithm cleaning patterns and its' extremely quiet movements all of your carpet cleaning and floor polishing can be done while you are asleep making your life that much easier. With the daily scheduled cleaning feature of the iClebo ALPHA, it will automatically power itself on and clean your home or office without the need of your assistance. This model YCR-M05-90 has an on board triple CPU with built in obstacle detectors that senses objects in its' path allowing itself to manuever around them while searching for the most efficient cleaning routes for picking up pet hairs, dirt, dust and allergens captured with the antibacterial hepa filter. This robot vacuum is designed to clean an entire area from room to room without missing a spot for up to 160 minutes. Once the battery gets low it will find its' way back to the charging station and continue to clean after it has fully charged again. The iClebo ALPHA vacuum cleaner comes with a remote control or you can use the touch panel display to operate your device if you choose. You will find that the iClebo ALPHA is far more sufficient than any of our competing products when it comes to cleaning carpets, tiles and hardwood floors of all types. Color: Black.


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